Corruption of Champions

Welcome to the (unofficial) website of Corruption of Champions.

Corruption of Champions is a text based flash game in which the player assumes the role of a recently extradited citizen of a village which is often attacked by monsters and demons. In order to thwart this, the village has sent the player to an unknown dimension in which they will choose their own path in order to either fight the evil or embrace it. The game is largely sexually based, and plays a huge fantasy role.

corruption of champions

After character creation, the player will find themselves located in a strange new world, in which they must explore and survive against the hostilities that await them.

There are currently eight main areas that a player can explore, each of which randomly branches off into different scripted scenes where the player is given a selection as to where to take the storyline. The storyline mainly breaks off into choices based on appearance, genitals, and corruption level.

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